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Helping you achieve financial freedom through property investing

With the change in population demographics and tenant requirements, property has to evolve accordingly which is where SDGB properties comes in- we fill this market need without a cookie-cutter magnolia box room in sight. We design and develop creative concepts and stylish spaces within our portfolio and for other investor clients which continue to provide comfort, encourage and inspire people who live in our properties by catering to their needs.  

About Us

Our Team

Saif Headshot.jpg

Saif Derzi


Saif Derzi is the director and founder of SDGB properties. He has been investing in property since 2015 after becoming an accidental landlord, he now truly believes that property is the best asset class. After focusing on growing his own property portfolio of HMOs (houses of multiple occupations), he has gone on to joint venture with investors on commercial to residential conversion projects and also social housing projects. 


Kas Derzi

Project Manager

Kas is the project manager for all of our properties. He is on-site ensuring everything runs smoothly and on schedule. He communicates with all tradesmen and keeps investors updated on the latest developments. His network of suppliers and relationships allows us to leverage cost savings on materials used, whilst maintaining high-quality standards, thus delivering high-quality projects to clients.

Gina closeup .PNG

Gina Baco

Interior Designer & Operations Manager

Gina brings creativity to projects through creating vision boards, planning interior design schemes and staging each property whilst strictly adhering to budgets. This allows her to maximise the profits achieved for projects and secure quick rentals and sales above asking price. The added value she brings to the final product outweighs the costs involved in staging.

Rhys Booth Branding Marketing .jpg

Rhys Booth

Design & Branding

Rhys is responsible for branding and marketing. He creates bespoke logos, branding, websites, hoarding designs and more, to make developments stand out from the crowd. The high quality, modern and innovative content he creates ensures quicker lead generation and consequently sales. 

Ehab Tamimi  accountant  JPG.JPG

Ehab Tamimi

Accounts Manager

Ehab manages all the accounts, ensuring our finances are on track and investors are happy. Ehab is responsible for bookkeeping, preparing financial statements, reconciling bank data and preparing financial packages for the property portfolio. 


Nader Nehme

Utilities & IT Support

Nader Is responsible for overseeing and developing marketing campaigns, monitoring performance & managing campaigns on social media. He is involved in maintaining the company websites and looking at data analytics as well as customer relationship management.

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