Having invested in property ourselves and seen the benefits, we have great knowledge and insight in this field. The relationships we've established allows us to secure undervalued properties and maximize their earning potential; delivering high yielding cash flowing assets with a sustainable passive earning potential for life. 



We are passionate about teaching, guiding and joint venturing with others to help you achieve financial freedom through property investing. We will support you to build a portfolio of properties that will generate a much higher return on investment than most other investment strategies available today in order to help you reach your property goals.


Shared Value

We believe in shared value for all which is why we work with like-minded people to offer a win-win situation for everyone involved in our projects.

dESIGN, PROJECT MANAGEMENT & property development

 Our varied property portfolio has given us experience in all aspects of property development. We can assist you from start to finish on your chosen investment project 

Find & Offer high yielding investments 


 Our targeted and tailored sourcing strategy allows us to find you the best property based on your goals 

 Providing passive returns on your investment 

 Our in depth analysis ensures we find you the best yields and ROI  


andy Abraham

Property investor 

 "My wife and I have been working with Kas & Saif for a bit over 1 year. We have found them to be hard working, ethical and determined to succeed....We have worked in the context of a JV partnership and each side bringing value to the equation."


 "Good things come to those who meet for coffee...


I feel completely obliged to step out of the background once more to tell you about my recent experience with my new JV Partners, Brothers Saif and Kas Derzi.


About 8 months ago I put myself out onto the major property Facebook pages in the hope that someone with experience in HMOs in my area would get in contact so discuss JVs.

Saif got in touch within a few minutes and we set a date and time for a chat. Not about any particular deal, and without any up-selling, but more to get an idea of what is most important to each other in life, even beyond property.


We quickly established that beyond just earning a lot of money, our  future visions and values aligned very well, and I left our first meet up excited at the opportunities that lay ahead.


My own personal circumstances are such that I have a very busy full-time job, based in Doncaster, and am therefore very time-poor. This leaves me with a lack of resources to search for genuinely good property deals and project manage any bigger projects beyond simple single let renovations.


This, for me, is where working with Saif and Kas has been a dream.


As well as taking the lead with our most recent HMO project, Saif and Kas have been teaching me so much about the whole process of converting a small residential property into a high cash-flowing 5 Bed all-ensuite HMO.


We bought the property at auction (one that I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to attend) for a great price, and I was so fortunate to be able to utilize all the contacts that Saif and Kas knew, and could vouch for, from bridging loan lenders to builders/tradesman and managing agents.


As we all know, building relationships and establishing a power team is so important, and to be able to leverage a team of this kind of quality didn’t happen overnight for them, but it DID for me, which was amazing in its’ self.


Of course, like any deal, we had our setbacks. But with the wise guidance from the Derzi brothers, it was never not going to work as a project.


5 Months later and I'm in the process of re-mortgaging (using Saifs recommended mortgage broker) and the property is fully tenanted with 5 nice tenants, and is fully managed so that I don’t have to stress about the nitty gritty stuff that I really don’t have time for.


I can't wait for our next venture and I am more eager than ever to learn from my so highly valued partners.


Thanks so so so much to Saif and Kas Derzi

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