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 Properties for sale 

We offer a small number of properties for sale that are refurbished to a high standard producing high yields and great returns that are ready made and will be cash flowing from day 1 of purchase.

Contact us if you want to enquire about any of the properties below. 

For Sale

Cleveland Tower-18.jpg

Mansfield Road, Doncaster 

Purchase Price £169,999


5 Bed all En suite Victorian Terrace 

Annual Rental Income £24,440

Yield 14.4% 



For Sale

Cleveland Tower-02.jpg

Florence Avenue, Doncaster 

Purchase Price £124,999


4 bed 2 Bathroom Victorian Terrace 

Annual Rental Income £16,640

Yield 13.3% 





Ravensworth Road, Doncaster

Purchase Price £159,000


5 Bed all En suite professional HMO

Annual Rental Income £24,960

Yield 15.6% gross yield




Ensuite HMO Room Doncaster 6 bed High Ca

Richard Street, Crewe

Purchase Price £133,490

9.3% NET YIELD - 5 Year lease with Blue Chip Tenant.

No voids, No management, and Maintenance covered up to £5,000

The HMO property is let on the current government-backed LONG TERM contract for social housing use from a Blue Chip Tenant. There are no other on costs for the owner as Maintenance Landlord annual Gas and Electric certification Council Tax Utility Bills are all covered within the contract.

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