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Interior Design

We specialise in creating high quality properties which stand out from the crowd visually due to their well thought out contemporary and creative interior design. At the same time we cultivate and create practical and comfortable co-living spaces for tenants.


With all our properties we ensure to carry out thorough market research of the local area, comparing the pricing and standard of accommodation, taking into consideration what customers need. This allows us to position our properties in a place where they achieve higher rental rates and higher occupancy rates than the rest of the market.

Not only can we help you invest in property and grow your portfolio, we want to ensure you get sustainable passive income through designing properties that truly stand out above the rest. Distinctive and carefully designed interiors can significantly increase rental yields, but can be timely and expensive. We save you the stress of having to spend the time planning a unique space and deliver this within budget.


Our Services

  • Meeting with you to discuss the vision you have for your property

  • Creating a vision board to align with your ideas and discuss colours, lighting, fixtures etc.

  • Sourcing the items in line within your budget

  • Staging the interiors to make your vision come to life 

  • Professional photography to captures images which can be used to market your bespoke property 

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