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Whether you have previous property investment experience or whether you just want a better return on your money than the bank, we have the solution for you at SDGB Properties. The two investment options are Joint Venture Investments for the more hands on investor, or Hands-off Investments for the passive investor that wants a great return without the hassle of getting involved.

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Joint Venture Investment

At SDGB Properties we have the skills and relationships to find undervalued properties with potential. Joint Venture with us today on our handpicked property deals that fulfill our high return on investment standards. We source, refurbish, manage and complete the entire deal, building a secure income from property investing

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Hands-Off Investment

Our clients are our number one priority and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied with their return on investment. If you want to invest into one of our property development deals and enjoy a healthy 8-12% annual return on your investment then find out more about our personal property projects. Choose which projects to invest in with the option of reinvesting your profits to compound the interest and build your wealth.

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