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6 Bed Professional HMO Furnival Road, Doncaster


Mrs B is a Dentist that was looking to build up her income for her pension for an early retirement. Her money was sat in the bank devaluing by inflation and she didn't know how best to invest it. We sourced her this wonderful 4 bed victorian three-story terraced property for £70,000. A total spend of £30,000 including legals, license fee, refurbishment, and furniture turning it into a 6 Bed Licensed HMO. The property was filled within 2 weeks and is achieving £80/week per room with a gross annual income of £24,960. With a total spend of £100,000 and an income of £24,960, that's a 25% gross yield, when mortgaged on a 75% loan to value that's a massive 100% return on investment. Our client was very happy with the results and the income she is now receiving so she could retire comfortably.

Case Study 1 

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