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We are a Lincolnshire based Property Investment and Development company. Having tried and tested several different business models within property over the years, we have refined this and we now focus on; Property Cash Buying, Property Trading & Development, Property Investment and Property Management. 

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which is why we initially started investing in this area and the fact that it is affordable. Over the years, we have branched out to other areas in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire and found both an increase in capital appreciation and higher yields compared to places like Manchester or London- which is the perfect blend for property investments.

We have the knowledge, experience and local market insight to ensure we add value to the properties we take on. This means we get the best returns for our investment partners in a timely manner.

We help our investment partners build their wealth by guaranteeing excellent returns on their money invested. Our vision is always long term and the relationships and the trust we’ve built with our clients are the foundation of a successful and lucrative future.

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Helping you achieve financial freedom through property investing

With the change in population demographics and tenant requirements, property has to evolve accordingly which is where SDGB properties comes in- we fill this market need without a cookie-cutter magnolia box room in sight. We design and develop creative concepts and stylish spaces within our portfolio and for other investor clients which continue to provide comfort, encourage and inspire people who live in our properties by catering to their needs.  

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Director & Founder

Saif grew up watching his father manage his own personal portfolio of properties across London. He wanted to continue this family passion in property, alongside his passion for people, investing & trading so he founded SDGB Properties.

He has 6 years’ experience as a landlord & property investor so understands the importance of financial investments. After focusing on growing his own property portfolio through successfully structuring numerous projects from purchase through to sale, he scaled this into a property investment & development business. He has gone on to do commercial to residential conversion projects, social housing projects and residential land developments.

He has built an extensive network around him and strong team which means, sourcing, securing planning, architecture, build and management are efficiently systemised to enable continuous growth.  

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