Thank you for taking interest in SDGB properties. We are a Lincolnshire based Property Investment and Development company.


Having tried and tested several different business models within property over the years, we have refined this and we now focus on:

  • Property Cash Buying           

  • Property Trading & Development

  • Property Investment

  • Property Management

With the change in population demographics and tenant requirements, property has to evolve accordingly which is where SDGB properties comes in- we fill this market need without a cookie-cutter magnolia box room in sight. We design and develop creative concepts and stylish spaces within our portfolio and for other investor clients which continue to provide comfort, encourage and inspire people who live in our properties by catering to their needs.  

Helping you achieve financial freedom

through property investing.

We are local to Lincolnshire which is why we initially started investing in this area and the fact that it is affordable. Over the years, we have branched out to other areas in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire and found both an increase in capital appreciation and higher yields compared to places like Manchester or London- which is the perfect blend for property investments.

We have the knowledge, experience and local market insight to ensure we add value to the properties we take on. This means we get the best returns for our investment partners in a timely manner.

We help our investment partners build their wealth by guaranteeing excellent returns on their money invested. Our vision is always long term and the relationships and the trust we’ve built with our clients are the foundation of a successful and lucrative future.


Director & Co-founder

Saif grew up watching his father manage his own personal portfolio of properties across London. He wanted to continue this family passion in property, alongside his passion for people, investing & trading so he founded SDGB Properties.

He has 6 years’ experience as a landlord & property investor so understands the importance of financial investments. After focusing on growing his own property portfolio through successfully structuring numerous projects from purchase through to sale, he scaled this into a property investment & development business. He has gone on to do commercial to residential conversion projects, social housing projects and residential land developments.

He has built an extensive network around him and strong team which means, sourcing, securing planning, architecture, build and management are efficiently systemised to enable continuous growth.  

Kas has been responsible for overseeing numerous property developments over the past 4 years as a project manager. This spans from residential refurbishment projects, commercial conversions, small apartments to large new build developments.

His project experience ranges from £20K refurbishments to £500k schemes across the East Midlands & Yorkshire.

His strong relationships and vast network of builders, suppliers & design professionals allow us to get the most value and leverage cost savings whilst maintaining high quality standards.

He is on site ensuring everything runs smoothly and on schedule. He communicates with all tradesmen and keeps investors updated on the latest developments.

Having been a landlord for over 3 years himself, he knows exactly what tenants are looking for and can construct floor plans which maximise every inch of space whilst adding the most value.


Project Manager


Accounts Manager

Ehab has over 6 years’ experience working in accounting firms internationally and across London. Ehab oversees all the accounts, confirming our finances are on track and assets managed efficiently, to ensure property and cash flow optimisation. Ehab is responsible for bookkeeping, preparing financial statements, reconciling bank data and preparing financial packages to ensure accounts are always up to date.

Gina has been a landlord for 5 years now and knows how to create spaces that cater to tenants needs. Her past experience in clinical operations management means she is responsible for overseeing our employees, delegating tasks and ensuring we are using resources efficiently. She manages all our assets & focuses on maximising & optimising our investment properties.


Gina has been designing & styling our investment properties for the past 5 years. By keeping this in house, we can ensure the end product is finished to the highest quality, giving us a competitive edge in the UK property market. She brings creativity to projects through creating vision boards, planning interior design schemes and staging each property whilst strictly adhering to budgets. This allows her to maximise the profits achieved for projects and secure quick rentals and sales- above asking price.


Operations Manager & Interior Designer


Head of Lettings, Branding & Design

Rhys is responsible for property portfolio management and running the lettings agency Let-Co, ensuring properties are let out swiftly and tenants moved in seamlessly. He creates branding, website content, hoarding designs and more, to make developments stand out from the crowd. The high quality, modern and innovative content he creates ensures quicker lead generation and consequently sales.


Admin Assistant

Maria has over 8 years’ experience working in customer service. She handles the property administration for our company and keeps our office running smoothly. She makes sure property purchases & sales are processed as quickly and efficiently as possible and liaises with numerous people from lenders to solicitors as well as our clients.


Sales & Marketing

Gus has experience as a sales and marketing manager for a number of international hotel chains. He works on developing our marketing strategy in order to generate sales leads. He manages our social media platforms and creates digital marketing materials & sales collateral for property campaigns in order to support business development. He liaises with clients & investors regarding property deals & manages customer relationships.


Assistant Project Manager

Ranillo is passionate about customer service & construction. He works closely with Kas helping with management duties and project oversight. He updates and reports on the schedule progress, budget & spending. He assists with procuring materials, admin tasks & communicating with various trades & suppliers.

Nader Is responsible for overseeing and developing marketing campaigns, monitoring performance & managing campaigns on social media. He is involved in maintaining the company websites and looking at data analytics as well as customer relationship management.


Utilities & IT Support

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