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Property Trading For Profit vs Buy To Hold

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

I filmed another video with Ranjan Bhattacharya- founder of Fab Real Estate Group and host of the Baker Street Property Meet in London where we discussed and compared different Property Investment Strategies as we both have different approaches when it comes to property investing.

Ranjan is in favour of the buy to hold strategy where you buy a property, carry out the initial work and it then becomes an asset that you manage. This generates a passive monthly income with minimal work and it's there forever.

Although I agree with this strategy and it's something I will probably consider for the future i.e. buying strategic assets for the long term.

Currently, property trading aligns with my personal goals. I'm relatively young and active, so rather than just buying a portfolio of properties and taking a backseat and holding them; now is the time to generate liquidity, realize these profits and generate sustainability for the long term- using the cash from my property trading activity. Essentially building a portfolio on an equity basis rather than a debt basis.

Watch the full video here:

There is no wrong or right strategy when it comes to property investing. I believe it's simply a case of what your goals are, where you are in your life, and your age. Whatever aligns with that is the best strategy for you. If you see a good buy to hold deal over the years - then by all means go for it, you don't have to stick with one strategy!

Get in touch and let me know if you found this video useful and leave any questions regarding property investment strategies. Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more videos like this. Also check out Ranjan's Youtube channel dedicated to helping you become a more successful property entrepreneur.

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