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Why property investing became the obvious strategy

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Having followed Mike Stenhouse on social media for a while, we finally sat down and recorded a podcast where I discussed why property trading is a strategy I focus on.

Here's what Mike had to say

" Today I’m delighted to be joined by Saif Derzi, an investor who walked away from his successful career in the pharmaceutical industry to start growing his property portfolio.

After changing direction from HMOs to property trading, he has built an amazing business that I’m sure will inspire you to think about what’s possible in a short space of time.

Throughout the interview we get the chance to talk about why diversity is so important; why you shouldn’t be afraid to pivot; how to step away from a lucrative career; as well as his top tips on sourcing, negotiation and raising private finance.

Here’s a sneak peek at what discussed this time:

3:28 – Why life in the corporate world was never going to satisfy Saif

7:10 – Having the courage to pivot away from the industry he’d spent his life studying for

9:20 – Navigating your way into full time property investment whilst minimising your risk

11:10 –  Understanding the early days of Saif’s portfolio growth with ‘vanilla’ HMOs

17:00 – Why owning 13 HMOs didn’t bring the profits Saif was expecting, and how he decided to pivot towards greater success

22:30 – The advantages of property trading compared to more ‘typical’ property strategies

24:40 – An introduction to property trading and why it’s a less popular strategy amongst most investors

28:25 – A case study of how traders provide genuine value to vendors and can create significant returns without renovating property

35:30 – Why most investors don’t need to become property ‘sourcers’ to create profitable deals

38:40 – The single most important question to ask when negotiating with vendors

42:20 – Exploring one of Saif’s latest buy to let deals where he recycled all of his cash to add a ‘free’ property to the portfolio

46:!0 – Why a trading business is the answer to helping him achieve his longer term investment goals, and the value of having diversified income streams"

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